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platform for documents

Satisfy GDPR requirements and share your data with others

Avoid Fines That Can Reach 2% of Annual Global Turnover

Save your time and money with the help of AI.
Remove personal data from documents in seconds

Legal companies around the world now rely on Anonymization App to detect
and remove personal data in all kinds of unstructured documents.


Simplify each stage of the GDPR data protection

Document Anonymization

Document Anonymization

Multiple formats supported (doc, pdf, txt, rtf, html, etc.)

Multi-language Support

Multi-language Support

All European and major Asian languages are supported

Anonymization Dashboard

Anonymization Dashboard

Anonymize documents with ease using the anonymization platform

Cloud API Service

Cloud API Service

Integrate anonymization functionality in your document management system

In-House Solution

In-House Solution

Get full control over your data on own hardware

Go Synthetic

Go Synthetic

Create machine learning models with privacy for training data

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How It Works

  • Step 1

    Select and upload
    your document
  • Step 2

    Preview detected
    private data
  • Step 3

    Anonymize document
    in seconds

11,328 documents anonymized since December 2018

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Use Cases

GDRP Data Protection Requirements

Enable the right to be forgotten

Secured Sharing

Share anonymized documents with others

Discover GDPR Sensitive Data in Documents

Find more personal data in any language

Machine Deep Learning

Anonymize the data to create new algorithms

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Anonymization is the best way to reduce restrictions involved in handling personal data in the age of GDPR and helps you freely exploit your data collection in ways that wouldn't be legally permissible when it comes to non-anonymized data.

  • We develop state-of-the-art artificial intelligence classifier that detects and modifies private data (persons, companies, addresses, currencies, personal id numbers, etc.) in unstructured documents. The AI-powered solution can anonymize critical and contextual information in one click: it identifies contextual information and then replaces personal data with "XXX" patterns or context-preserving category labels (e.g. "Location_1", "Person_1").

  • Anonymization App supports most of the document formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .pptx, .rtf, .xlsx, .xls, .html, .csv, .eml, .epub, .msg, .ps, .txt.

  • Anonymization App supports all European and major Asian languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Russian, etc.

  • Anonymization of all private data according to the GDPR law are supported in the platform: person names and surnames, locations, addresses, organizations, company names, emails, phone numbers, credit card numbers, currencies and personal ID numbers.

  • Yes. It is possible to highlight custom entities important for your organization and anonymize them.

About Us

At Anonymization App we are passionate about data privacy and artificial intelligence.

We are lawyers, data scientists, engineers, and designers, working together to build services that help companies detect private data in unstructured information sources and improve access to the latest artificial intelligence technologies.

Thousands of companies are required to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation. Therefore every organisation should apply anonymization techniques across it’s all structured and unstructured data.

At Anonymization App, we focus on AI-driven solutions that change the practice & business of unstructured data in the information sharing economy. We’re committed to building anonymization tools that enable lawyers to share legal documents with others without breaching GDPR .